Support Solutions




Customer service is the backbone of your ecommerce business by our Ecommerce customer service you can provide your customers seamless customer experience across channels and platforms. Customer support is how online businesses provide assistance to customers with everything from making online purchase decisions to resolving issues. Data from shows that for 95% of consumers, customer service is important for brand loyalty. One of the most underrated tactics of good ecommerce customer service is self-service. Over 60% of consumers prefer automated self-service, such as through a website or mobile app, for simple customer service tasks. So by keeping every issues, drawbacks as well as benefits we build customized teams for modern businesses. From recruitment to training to ongoing success, everything is customized to you and your business. We master in providing Customer Support, Technical Support and Multi-Lingual Support in areas of Voice, Chat, Email, SMS, IN-APP and various Social Media platforms. We ensure you get highly efficient team for your support and at a better cost savings. We have Omni-channel solutions to connect with your current and prospective buyers via live agent or IVR, night or day. It is important to your company’s success that your customers can contact you when and how they want. We have delivery queries and returns covered. We can work alongside your preferred carriers and track shipments and returns to keep you customer informed. Our agents are professionally trained in order taking giving in-depth information about your products/services and then guiding them to a sale close by reinforcing the benefits of the product/service. Our Customer Support team will help you to serve your customers right and comfortably; we have developed an international team with various languages knowledge and with vast skill in Customer support sale, or handling online issue which can be occurred for your customers. We’re there for your customers when they need you most so you get 24/7 Support, Improved Customer Experience and Reduced cost.


Our IT infrastructure services align network architecture and end-to-end communication, to ensure your company has the best IT solutions built by certified technology experts. We provide small, midsize and enterprise size businesses with scalable support services both onsite and remotely. With us you can reduce IT support costs, increase user loyalty, and safeguard stable system performance with our team of experienced IT support engineers. Be it Salesforce Cloud, Magento 2, BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, PIM, ERP, or any complex ecommerce technology, Our team of certified platform experts provide outstanding support for large-scale projects. We promise great project managers, constant attention, weekly updates, industry leadership, continuous progress, and dedicated support 24/7 for you. Strategize with your team of ecommerce design and development experts to enhance and refine your customer journey, locally or remote, anytime. Our global team of engineers has boots on the ground in just about any time zone so you get On-demand Support, don’t let your current ecommerce team hold you back. Our developers provide IT infrastructure help desk services that enable the creation and management of onsite and remote help desk architectures. We provide a 24/7 single point of contact for your business user community to address all technical requests, problems, services and other IT inquiries. We build and maintain IT infrastructure for small and midsize businesses (SMB). End-to-end communication architecture built on reliable technology platforms such as e-mail based messaging and live meetings allows real-time communication and data sharing which allows communications easily and 24/7/365. Our custom Enterprise IT infrastructures streamline the administration of day-to-day user management, access and security protocols and other enterprise IT services. We also perform various database services, large-scale data migrations, backup and recovery, server configuration, and network administration tasks. We perform network infrastructure services, including network design and architecture planning, network audits and ongoing support for TCP/IP setup, VPN, Storage Area Networks, LAN/WAN and media integrations, as well as administration and troubleshooting of network devices like routers, gateways and firewalls. We offer support during the entire construction process as well as after delivery of the project. Our team of specialists is available 24/7/365 to answer all your questions and solve all problems.


QA is the pillar of any successful website, but it is often one of the most overlooked parts of a project. We offer a wide range of independent software QA and testing services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards. Using our testing engineers and vast QA expertise we are able to increase the quality of your product while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs. We build quality into your product and application delivery lifecycle at any stage of your project. Depending on your needs, WeVerve is capable of identifying existing and providing project rescue services as well as further support and enhancement of your product upon necessity. Every website we launch is fully tested pre launch and post launch so that we can fix as many bugs as possible throughout the launch process. We ensure your website is functional via our agile process of QA & Testing like cross browser, Responsive Testing, Performance & Functionality, Mobile Testing and Automated Testing. We can test your application of different frameworks to see it maximum potential so that you can serve your customer flawlessly and provide them smooth shopping experience.